Maker Spotlight: Clary Collection

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Being selective about the items we invest in is an important component of living intentionally. Just like the carefully curated furniture, art and décor we bring into our homes, we should be making thoughtful choices about the self-care products we use every day.

We carry Clary at F/A because we believe in their mission, and in their products. Clary Collection is a family of small batch, hand blended, 100% organic skin care products useful for the entire family. The brand promises to create products that fill both personal and collective needs in our communities.

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How did Clary come to be? When close friends and mothers Jen Auerbach and Adriel Denae both made their transition into parenthood, they sought out truly clean skin care products for both them and their children. But in doing so, they realized most “organic” lines still contained irritants and harsh extracts that can be harmful. To fill the gap, this duo set out to create products made from solely 100% organically sourced or wild-crafted botanicals, and never synthetic chemicals or preservatives. 

Even before we brought Clary to F/A, Clary was a constant in our home, from bath time with the kids to my nightly routine. We feel comforted knowing the products we use are all natural, not tested on animals, simple, gentle and effective.

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If you’re new to Clary, we recommend trying the Clary Balm. Jen swears it has saved her from everything from sunburn to dry lips, bug bites to her son's diaper rash. “Given the healing properties and its many uses, the Balm is a great start to trying our line.”

You can find the Clary Balm and more Clary Collection items in the shop at Future Ancestor and online.

Julia Leenig