F/A Home: Audra Hubbell

It wasn't long after we first opened our doors that local graphic designer Audra Hubbell walked in. Her enthusiasm for clean, unique design was a match made in F/A heaven and we started seeing her regularly, most of the time resulting in her walking out the door with one of our favorite new finds.

We knew immediately that we liked Audra for her interior design style, but throughout the past three years she has grown to be much more than a loyal customer. From helping us rescue a kitten to moonlighting as our very first fill-in shop girl, we have a love and respect for this all-around outstanding human that is rare and true. 

To kick-off this new series of F/A Home Tours, it was a no-brainer that we would first be featuring Audra's Benton Park home. Peppered with gems that we've found through the years, Audra has impeccably styled her space with vintage and modern elements that make it perfectly sophisticated, fun, and livable. We also asked her a few questions about her style and life in St Louis that we think you will love, too.

Here's the tour!

(All photos by Cassidy Parker Smith)

my future ancestor home audra benton park

We absolutely love your space. How would you describe your home style?

Warm, natural, and monochromatic. 

What's your favorite feature/room of your home?

 One of the reasons we love the Benton Park neighborhood is because of the historic architecture. Our house has exposed brick, high ceilings and loads of natural light that make it feel bright and comfortable. 

What are some of your favorite keepsakes? Do you display them or store them away?

Like many others, I have a current obsession with ceramics. They are one of my favorite items to pick up when I travel, so you'll see those in almost every room. We also have lots of trinkets collected on our travels displayed around the house, such as seashells and rocks. Most of the artwork throughout or home is  custom artwork from family and friends so those pieces are very special to me as well.

benton park home st louis

Where do you like to shop for home goods?

When we first moved back to St. Louis, we were transitioning from condo living to a three bedroom house. We had lots of space to fill and one of my favorite weekend activities was going to Future Ancestor and picking out pieces for each room of our home. Now that our house is filling up, I still make room for small accessories. If I am looking for specific items, I keep an eye out on Craigslist and online furnitures sites. 

myfahome future ancestor st louis

What is your graphic design style? How do you think this translates to your personal or home style?

My graphic design style is definitely minimal. I tend to use a lot of white space and shy away from color. If something feels too empty, I incorporate typography and texture to add visual interest. My house is the same way. We use lots of white and gray accents paired with wood to keep it from feeling too stark. 

Do you ever work from home? Where/when/how do you accomplish this?

As a professor, I have the summers off so I do a majority of work from my couch. When I am home, I find myself focusing on all the things I want to accomplish around the house instead of actually doing them. With an old house, your work is never quite done and it's easy to focus on the growing to-do list instead of enjoying the accomplishments.

mid century nursery style
modern vintage nursery
modern vintage style st louis
future ancestor home tour series audra hubbel
vintage modern style st louis

What is a design pet-peeve of yours? 

In my own house, I find that if I have too many new pieces (aka Ikea) together in one space it starts to feel sterile. Don't get me wrong, I love Ikea, but for it to feel like home it has to be balanced with personal pieces.

What's your favorite neighborhood in St Louis? Where do you like to hang? 

We spend most of our time in Benton Park. With so many restaurants and shops within walking distance, we keep ourselves pretty busy. Some of my favorite haunts are the Mud House, Future Ancestor, Mesa Home and Flowers and Weeds. My perfect Saturday consists of hitting up all of those establishments in that order.  

What's does your dream living space look like?

I've been obsessed with open loft living for as long as I can remember. Someday I would love to rehab an old home or industrial space and turn it into an open and inviting home with floor to ceiling factory windows. 


Thank you so much for sharing your space, Audra! We absolutely love your style. In fact, we're even a little bit jealous of your baby. Can you imagine being born into such a stylish world?

Stay tuned for more F/A home tours, but in the meantime be sure to tag and follow #myFAhome on instagram.

Julia Leenig